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My wife's words are untainted and pure. I live to love her. To be placed in my path during this life is a my forever boon.
Here is what I read when I feel ineffectual:

In April of 1995, I found myself pregnant and unwed. I met Jim at work and we became friends. I remember confiding in him that I was pregnant and he asked me if I was going to have the baby. I told him that I was. I was very excited but very worried at the same time. I never planned on having a child out of wedlock and without
a father.

Jim pursued dating me. I kept him at a distance knowing I didn't want to get anyone else involved. I didn't think anyone would want to get serious with a pregnant woman. At the same time, I knew he was someone I could be serious with. Jim dropped food and drink off at my desk stating, "This is for the baby." Everyone that I talked to thought this guy must be crazy for wanting to get involved with a pregnant girl.

I feel my husband is my angel from up above. You see, the first time he kissed me he placed his hand on my belly. At the time I was three months pregnant. Not only was I being
accepted but so was my unborn child.

My husband (boyfriend at the time) went to the ultrasound with me when I was five months pregnant. He was just as excited as I was to find out I was having a boy. Jim said ,"There's Chaz." He accompanied me to all the Lamaze classes and consoled me in the night when I couldn't sleep. He massaged my feet when they became swollen. Together we prepared for our bundle of joy.

That's just it. Jim always considered my baby our bundle of joy. In December of 1995, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and Jim was there to cut the umbilical cord. He spent eleven hours with me during labor. He excitedly counted ten fingers and ten toes. He was the first to hold the baby. He had bonded with the baby even before he was born. In July 1997, my son was officially adopted by my husband. Jim really didn't need the adoption papers to tell him thisboy was his son. You cannot separate the two today. They have the strongest father and son bond I have ever known.

I consider my husband an angel for loving my son so unconditionally. It never mattered to him that his blood wasn't running through the baby's veins. He loves his son and that is all that matters. He has given a boy who would've grown up without a father, the best daddy he could ever have. We have since had a little girl named Asia. He loves both babies just the same. Nothing can change this bond between father and son. They are not bonded by blood but bonded by soul. Thank goodness for my angel.
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Turquoise Eye Shadow

Alyssa asked me to purchase eye shadow for her the other day while waiting for my crazy medicine fix. Do I purchase other product and slip that in? Do I fake a phone call and pretend to talk to her about it while I search the racks. I'm not sure why I am freaking about this. I repeat over and over: I'm not afraid to purchase female products, I'm not afraid to purchase female products. Hey it works! Buy a shit load of other crap and it slips buy without an awkward moment.

Julia Dryas iulia

On my lunch hour I grabbed my camera and drove to the Desert Botanical Garden to take some cactus close-ups. I was so happy to see they had a butterfly exhibit.

Did you know?
* Butterflies taste with their feet
* Found on every continent except Antarctica
* The Two-tailed Swallowtail is the Arizona State butterfly

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Parable of immortality - Justin are you listening?

Parable of immortality ( A ship leaves . . . )
by Henry (Jackson) Van Dyke - 1852 - 1933

I am standing by the seashore.
A ship at my side spreads his white sails to the morning breeze
and starts for the blue ocean.
He is an object of beauty and strength,
and I stand and watch
until at last he hangs like a peck of white cloud
just where the sun and sky come down to mingle with each other.

Then someone at my side says, 'There he goes!
Gone where? Gone from my sight - that is all.

He is just as large in mast and hull and spar
as he was when he left my side
and just as able to bear his load of living freight
to the places of destination.
His diminished size is in me, not in him.

And just at the moment when someone at my side says,
'There he goes! ' ,
there are other eyes watching him coming,
and other voices (Butch) ready to take up the glad shout :
'Here he comes!'
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